Many people do not actively think about their financial big picture or take a very product-focused approach. They make RRSP contributions each February, file their taxes each April, and that’s about it.

They believe money issues to be boring, complicated, or beyond them, or feel they simply do not have time to deal with their finances. A few delegate the work to a financial advisor whom they trust blindly, only to find out years later that they have not achieved their financials goals. Whatever the reason, this kind of attitude can get you into financial trouble at every phase of the wealth building process.

For many people, this state of affairs is further complicated by the financial services industry itself. The industry has inconsistent regulation across Canada and has no single standard of financial advisor professional designations. Different financial advisors can offer different products and services, and fees are not always visible. All of this can make it hard for the average Canadian to easily find high-quality financial advisors and financial advice.


By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Determine or update your financial goals
  • Determine your net worth and devise a financial plan
  • Manage your financial big picture
  • Select a financial advisor that meets your needs
  • Begin planning for your retirement


  • The four phases of wealth building
  • Outlining financial goals
  • Defining a financial big picture
  • Setting out a financial plan
  • Net worth as a measure of financial success
  • Criteria for selecting advisors and working with a financial planning team
  • Managing your own financial plan


Any individual interested in personal financial planning, developing a financial big picture, or learning more about the financial services industry and the varied types of advisors and products.