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The previously accepted method of building wealth doesn’t work anymore. The truth when it comes to personal finances is simple: People’s quest to secure a comfortable retirement often ends up making them poor and others rich.

The old way to get wealthy was to acquire assets like real estate, stocks and mutual funds using debt and then sit back and let time grow the net worth.

But that strategy is deeply flawed and is going to send many people to the poor house. That’s because it ignores the one basic principle that overrides any wealth-building strategy that anyone who is truly rich knows: What we should really be focused on is not getting rich, but plain old cash flow.


  • The Cash Cow strategy. How to employ this simple strategy in your own life. How to identify your greatest source(s) of cash and make sure they keep on giving.
  • Buying a house or rental property. You’ll also get assistance making one of the biggest decisions affecting cash flow in your life -- home ownership -- using the “House Rent versus Buy Analyzer” spreadsheet.
  • The condominium conundrum. A primer on buying a condo as a first home or rental property and the extreme risks that exist.
  • Inflation. How the CPI index is measured, explanations of inflation, deflation and the real monster – stagflation.
  • CPP and OAS. A review of the rocky history of the CPPIB, the current CPP plan surplus, investment strategy and review of the proposed enhancement of the CPP.
  • Cash flow for life. We’ll use the “Cash Cow Decision Maker” designed to allow you to play with alternatives to maximize your family’s cash flow. Converting your RRSPs to annuities vs RRIFs.


Those interested in helping their clients focus on what really matters – not building wealth the traditional way, but ensuring cash flow.