Individuals with an exceptional ability to persuade are more likely to become successful within their organizations and active members of their communities. They are more likely to have their ideas, proposals and projects approved and carried out. Persuasion is a powerful communication technique that can enhance dealings with key stakeholders, including boards of directors, executive management, colleagues, customers, suppliers, regulators and investors.

This webinar will supply you with the fundamental elements of persuasion. It will introduce you to powerful persuasion techniques and focus on how to use them effectively in oral communication (involving one-on-one settings, small groups, and formal presentations) and in written communication (involving reports, memos and emails).


  • The three elements of persuasion
  • Powerful persuasion techniques
  • Applications for oral and written communications


This seminar is designed for individuals who are interested in focusing on how to persuade others and who want tips for getting their ideas, proposals and projects approved and acted on.