You are inundated in your professional training by opportunities to develop your technical, financial-based skills. However, as you move along in your career, you discover a whole other set of skills that need development. Many of these skills are topics for which you would have never received any formal training, and yet, as a trusted advisor for your company or clients, are critical to your personal success. It is these soft skills as well as your technical abilities will define your career and determine your advancement.

This course deals with seven topics that tend to be skills or topics that you will be expected to be proficient at, or at least have knowledge of, as your career progresses.

Through practical tips but with a maximum of one-hour per-topic, the course leader aims to hit the highlights while de-mystifying these essential, career enhancing topics.


  • Conducting an employment interview
  • Strategic planning basics
  • Negotiating skills
  • Performance evaluations
  • Managing vs. leading
  • Communication skills
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Terminating an employee


Finance and accounting professionals whose careers are developing beyond the accounting function towards supervision and management and supervisors and would benefit from a different viewpoint or a refresh.