This four-part video suite features presentations recorded at CPA Ontario’s annual conference inspiring women to push through barriers and achieve success in their professional lives.


Celebrate your accomplishments. Support other women. Experience power in numbers.

It’s 2019 and less than 10% of the highest-paying positions in Canada’s top 100 companies are held by women. It’s time to talk about women not simply having jobs, but having the jobs they want.

Industry experts provide insight and actionable take-aways like how to create a personal PR plan, and ten questions to ask yourself if you are considering serving on a corporate board. The suite also includes an engaging, diverse panel discussion about women in leadership and a session about workplace harassment.

This video series includes:

1. The Art of Personal Branding with Jessica Savage (Duration 38:00)

2. Are You Board-Ready? With Deborah Rosati (Duration: 60:00)

3. Leadership Lessons from Three Architects of Change; Moderated by Liz West with panelists Diana Brown, Betty Ferreira and Eva Wong (Duration: 56:00)

4. Dealing with Harassment: Effective Strategies for Prevention and Response with Blake Moran and Allison Buchanan (Duration: 60:00)