NOTE: To get the full experience of this live, interactive course we recommend you join five minutes prior to the scheduled starting time, and use a computer with video and microphone capabilities.

Learn a systematic approach to create focused attention and sustained concentration.

Due to the pandemic, we are all coping with heightened anxiety and constantly changing expectations. We are tired, stressed, and easily distracted. Another thing that affects our concentration is trying to think of too many things at once. We can overload ourselves in seconds.

Our core brain is hard-wired to switch our attention to noise or movement. It's one of our many survival mechanisms. In an office, it could be the ping of an email or a flashing light on your phone. Once your attention has been distracted, it takes real effort to re-focus.

This CPA Ontario course, will help to complete important work more quickly, with less effort.

Prior to the course, you will receive a check list which will allow you to monitor how many times you are interrupted (by yourself and others) when you have decided to work on a lengthy task requiring your focus. This exercise will give you a good comparison with how much your focus has improved after taking the course.

There will be a final quiz which will help you implement your new insights immediately.


  • Several simple steps to laser-focus your attention and sustain your concentration
  • Prioritize with critical questions
  • Block and reduce internal and external distractions
  • Improve your concentration with enhanced focus, time limits and short breaks


Anyone looking to increase their focus and concentration while working in challenging environments with constant interruptions.