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When an employee leaves a company and moves on to a new employment opportunity, so too can the company’s intellectual property, clients, other employees and practices, unless the company has safeguards in place to protect its interests. This webinar will provide participants with an understanding of the types of protections available to a business to curtail the risk of its proprietary business knowledge will end up in the hands of its competition.


  • Common law duties owed by employees to employers
  • Contractual provisions which can protect a business (restrictive covenants)
  • Remedies available to an employer for a breach of an employee’s common law or contractual duties
  • How an employer can react to a breach of a contractual or common law duty by an employee
  • Information technology in the workplace: dealing with employee use and abuse


This seminar is designed for financial professionals, entrepreneurs and managers who wish to gain an understanding of the basic principles of restrictive covenants.