This full day seminar covers useful tips for accountants who work for Not-For-Profit organizations. The tips are illustrated through concrete examples derived from real experience. Value will also be derived from the sharing of experiences and practices by the participants. An in-depth, financial reporting improvement case, set in the sector, will give attendees dozens of ideas to improve their financial reporting. The seminar was created and is presented by an experienced CFO, with extensive real-life insight, who has created a number of courses and has spoken to thousands of accountants.


• Tips on key indicator reporting
• More useful financial reporting
• Getting the most out of your bank
• Cost-cutting tips
• The fast close
• Ethics in a Not-For-Profit context
• Creative thinking for accountants
• Auditors & lawyers: minimizing costs
• Brainstorming on Not-For-Profit sector challenges
• Managing your board
• What to do when you join a new employer in the sector