Power-up your productivity by learning the best ways to work with Microsoft Word. Through interactive tutorials and simulation-based exercises this online course will teach you how to work effectively with Word and boost your writing skills. Discover shortcuts and best practices for formatting, editing, and creating text and paragraphs. You will also be given an overview of Word fundamentals, empowering you to write with confidence. Enhancements to 2019 Word include Read Aloud - a tool that will read selected text out loud, side-to-side page scrolling, and a search feature called Smart Lookup that allows you to instantly research words or phrases in your document.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • apply Word fundamentals: create new documents, open and save a file, use AutoRecover, navigate and view documents, print and share a document, use the Quick Access toolbar, check accessibility and compatibility
  • work with and edit text: spelling and grammar checks; word count and thesaurus tools; find and replace tool; insert symbols; insert text from another file; AutoCorrect
  • format text and paragraphs: formatting fonts, creating lists, using paragraph alignment, borders and shading, copy formatting, using tab stops, and using the find and replace formatting function
  • apply page formatting to adjust margins, set paper size and orientation, add headers and footers, page numbers, columns, page breaks, and page background elements
  • Who will Benefit:

    Business professionals with little to no knowledge of Microsoft Excel who are responsible for managing and working with data.