NOTE: This course description has been revised to include updates to the course material for 2021. If you have any questions, please contact pdevents@cpaontario.ca


  • October 19@ 8:30am - 12:30pm
  • October 20@ 8:30am - 12:30pm
  • October 26@ 8:30am - 12:30pm
  • October 27@ 8:30am - 12:30pm
  • Small, growing, and mid-sized companies face a broad array of income tax, GST/HST and related compliance issues. The penalties or tax costs of failing to meet these compliance requirements can be severe. This seminar will help controllers of private companies stay current on a broad array of income tax, GST/HST and related compliance issues. It covers a range of topics at a general level with specific examples, cases and practical problems.

    Controllers in small to mid-sized private companies have a wide range of responsibilities which can either have an impact on taxation or require tax related reporting. This two-day course is compliance oriented with high level review of a wide range of issues and focus on issue identification. The course includes a review of the basic income tax and HST/GST requirements for human resources, purchases, sales, capital assets and financing issues. Also included is a high-level review of the basic rules for taxable income, corporate group issues, alternative entity structures and reporting requirements. GST/HST is covered at a basic level. Detailed GST/HST topics, industry specific material and provincial taxes are beyond the scope of this course. Programs related to the COVID-19 pandemic are not reviewed in this course.


    Topics included in the course:

    • Identify the basic income tax and GST/HST compliance requirements for human resources, sales, and purchases.
    • Explain the basic requirements for income tax deductibility and the entitlement to GST/HST input tax credits.
    • Summarize the income tax and GST/HST considerations for capital asset additions and disposals including the related financing issues.
    • Identify Income tax and GST/HST issues that may require additional research.
    • Basic income tax and GST principles.
    • Human resources issues, including payroll compliance, benefits, and employees vs independent contractors.
    • Purchasing issues, including limitations on deductions, GST/HST and ITC credits, and purchases from non-residents.
    • Domestic sales issues, including GST/HST registration, reporting periods, place of supply, and bad debts.
    • Sales to non-residents, including export sales, GST/HST, Canada- U.S. Tax Treaty.
    • Automobiles, and issues for employees who require an automobile to perform their duties.
    • Capital assets and real property issues, including capital vs operating expenses, purchase issues, CCA, GST/HST issues, change of use, and dispositions.
    • Financing issues, including expenses in respect to equity, interest and debt, and leasing vs. purchasing.

    Who Will Benefit

    This seminar targets accounting professionals working with Canadian Controlled Private Corporations whose responsibilities include income tax, GST/HST, and related compliance and reporting issues or practitioners who provide advice in these areas. Although the session focuses on privately held companies, many of the topics can also apply to public companies.