Tell a clear story that resonates with your audience.

This course explores the process involved in storytelling with data and interpreting data contexts. You will examine the prominent types of analysis, visualizations, and graphic tools used for storytelling. Learn how to select the effective storytelling visuals, eliminate clutter and design a compelling story. The course will also use Tableau and Power BI to facilitate storytelling with data.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • understand the relevance of data visualization from a business perspective
  • utilize the concept of storyboarding and use templates to implement storyboarding
  • analyze the elements of the storytelling context
  • specify the analysis types used to facilitate storytelling with data
  • implement visualizations
  • identify the best graphical tools used for data exploration

Tableau and Power BI

  • understand the approaches and criteria involved in selecting effective visuals for data storytelling
  • implement different types of bar charts using Power BI
  • craft visual data using Tableau
  • load data from a CSV file using Power BI, create a bar chart using data, and create a pie chart to compare parts of a whole data set

Who Will Benefit:

People who are familiar with data visualization, Power BI, and Tableau who are looking to use storytelling with data to help drive business decisions and influence audiences.