We all have to contend with situations we wish to improve. Whether we choose to call these undesirable situations problems or opportunities, the fact remains we need to find a solution before we can change things for the better. Creative problem solving is the process of finding solutions for problems that have thus far remained unsolvable. Before we can become proficient creative problem solvers, we have to learn the methodology of problem solving. This interactive course deals with the nuts and bolts of creative problem solving, and delves into an array of techniques that will help attendees discover solutions for any problem they may face.


  • Learn how to think outside of the box
  • Learn how to properly formulate the problem
  • Learn examples of real-life creative problem solving
  • Learn the proper mindset for creative problem solving
  • Learn why thinking problems are a problem is a problem
  • Learn how to dig deep into the root cause of the problem
  • Learn how to find great opportunities brilliantly disguised as difficult problems
  • Learn how to find a solution in every problem instead of a problem with every solution
  • Learn how to solve one problem five different ways, rather than solve five problems one way


This seminar is designed for executives, managers, and supervisors who wish to develop the ability to solve difficult problems in all areas of life.