Risk is an inevitable aspect of any business. And to resolve potential threats and challenges within your organization, it’s essential to develop a business strategy that incorporates a clear vision, new ideas, and innovative solutions. This five-part courses provides techniques to develep your strategic thinking skills and look at risk probability, assessment, management, and mitigation. The course will help you to consider the factors needed for long-term success and how to create a strategic plan that will enable you to avoid or mitigate the potential negative impact of various types of risks.


1. Thinking Strategically as a Manager

  • develop your capacity for thinking strategically through creative thinking, dealing with complexity, and being aware of what's going on inside and outside your organization
  • learn ways to mitigate or avoid the potential impact of a risk

2. Using Strategic Thinking to Consider the Big Picture

  • use systems thinking to make sense out of opposites and contradictions
  • understand cause and effect while managing your department according to the business strategy

3. Identifying Risks in Your Organization

  • explore the difference between internal and external risks
  • look at how some risks may present a strategic opportunity
  • learn techniques to help identify risks and calculate their probability through root cause identification, the Delphi technique, and brainstorming sessions

4. Assessing Your Organization's Risks

  • learn common techniques for assessing risk including opportunity assessment, and threat assessment using failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)

5. Responding Effectively to Risks

  • use strategic thinking to see the bigger picture and elevate your perspective
  • understand the forces at play within your organization


Managers, departmental leaders, and individuals looking to develop or refine their strategic thinking skills and learn about issues relating to risk and risk management.