Digitalization has become an unescapable reality that has many implications in the marketing of goods and services. It transforms the customer relationship, product performance and modes of communication, distribution and pricing. To remain competitive, it is now vital to embrace these transformations, and it’s the most agile and digital-savvy players who reap the greatest rewards. This course will help you to understand new digital consumer behaviors, to think about tomorrow’s business models and to see how the company must adapt to this new environment.


By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate how the internet impacts customers’ buying behaviours
  • Apply techniques to identify one’s organizational dangers and opportunities with respect to digital
  • Demonstrate how to enhance a product offering by making product smarter and creating digital experiences around them
  • Create a digital communication strategy
  • Apply techniques for optimizing the customer journey
  • Adjust pricing strategies for the digital age


Those who want to obtain a primer on digital marketing and its effects on their organization’s customers.


This e-Learning course is broken into several modules that learners can complete in a time convenient for them. Learners are encouraged to break the course up into manageable chunks according to their schedules. Modules include an assortment of engaging short videos, interactive sessions, reflective questions and takeaway worksheets.