NOTE: This is an On Demand learning bundle. This course suite is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once registered, you can access the material at any time. However, you will only have access to the course for 30 days AFTER REGISTRATION closes.

Learn by doing, not watching, with simulation-based exercises and interactive tutorials in this CPA Ontario learning course bundle.

This bundle includes five, online courses:

1. Microsoft SharePoint 2016 (4 hours)

Streamline your communication and collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint. Explore the fundamentals and learn how to work with web pages, manage sites and use libraries.

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2. Microsoft Teams (4 hours)

Record a meeting and share your screen so you can communicate effectively with your team while working remotely. Explore how to manage your workspace, use chats, create meetings and more.

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3. OneDrive for Business (1 hour)

Learn OneDrive fundamentals such as how to create and manage files and folders, upload and open files, and manage version history. You will also learn how to connect and save from Microsoft Office.

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4. Microsoft Office Online (4 hours)

Keep your office running smoothly by exploring how to work with text, send email, and master formula basics. An overview of presentation themes completes this comprehensive tour of Office Online.

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5. Microsoft OneNote 2016 (4 hours)

Organize ideas and notes by learn how to add content, format, and work with templates. The course also teaches you how to use OneNote with Office so you can share and collaborate with ease.

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  • Use SharePoint for effective team collaboration in the cloud
  • Explore tools to chat, meet, and collaborate from any location
  • Best practices on how to store, share and sync files in the cloud
  • Learn Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook fundamentals in a comprehensive overview of Office Online
  • Organize ideas and notes with Microsoft OneNote


Business professionals, team leads, managers and direction who use cloud-based collaboration tools such as Microsoft Office 365 to manage work files, collaborate with teams, and organize ideas and content.