This event has now passed, please click here to view all available upcoming events and courses A pioneer in talent and success metrics, the Pathfinder Career System is underpinned with statistical validation with more than 40,000 individuals.

  • Measure your career interest, satisfaction and performance, and what you are capable of achieving
  • Identify your top competencies sets and those that need improving
  • Personalize the path you need to take to land the C-suite role and beyond
  • Gain insight into the competencies required to take your career where you want it to go
  • Benchmark your strengths against international samples of successful managers and executives from global companies in China, Israel, United States, France, Italy, Thailand, Russia, U.K. and Germany.

    The Pathfinder Career System provides efficient and objective means of self-understanding with clear and concise language describing career interests and styles, showing differentiated strengths, and addressing developmental opportunities.

    This assessment is matched with two career consultations designed to provide analysis of results and help plan the way for your future.

    The Pathfinder Career Predictor assessments are bench-marked against the following traits:

  • 85 behavioural traits grouped by problem solving, work habits, motivational factors, self-assessment, human relations, coping strategies, lifestyle priorities and vocational incentives
  • 35 career themes grouped by business clusters (7 professions), people clusters (6 professions), expressive cluster (4 professions), investigative cluster (5 professions), services cluster (8 professions) and trades clusters (5 professions)
  • 2,800+ benchmark occupational titles aligned to the 35 career themes
  • 29 behaviour leadership competencies grouped by competencies that enhance relationships, solutions, productivity, motivation, personal success and three secondary competencies – connect with customer, identify and develop talent and demonstrate empathic inclusion.