NOTE: This course is a live webinar. You must attend the live course to receive verifiable CPD hours. We recommend you join five minutes prior to the scheduled starting time. To get the full experience of this interactive course, use a computer that has video and microphone capabilities.

Learn the fundamentals of Activity-Based Planning.

This webinar will review the fundamentals of activity-based planning (ABP) and explore how it can be used to enhance resource deployment, cost management and operational planning. You will learn basic ABP principles to gain insight into resource capacity management, business process optimization and improved operational costing.

ABP provides a shared environment for operational, financial and strategic managers to develop a common understanding of the key operational factors influencing costs and budgets. This course will demonstrate how to use ABP technology to create visual and interactive business models to fully enable ABP’s collaborative approach. Group breakout sessions will help reinforce an understanding of ABP concepts.

CPAs are encouraged to attend with their operational and strategic planning colleagues to fully realize the benefits of ABP.


  • Identify common challenges in operational planning, costing and budgeting
  • Understand the evolution of cost management methodologies
  • Review the value of a structured implementation methodology for implementing ABP
  • Discuss the role and value of ABP technology
  • Discover the importance of aligning ABP projects with other organizational initiatives


CPAs, operational managers and analysts looking to increase their knowledge of operational planning and budgeting.