What Topics will be covered?

1) Estate planning for clients who own businesses.

2) Group benefits

3) Tax on Split Income (TOSI), changes to small business deductions, withdrawals and other tax updates

4) HST issues on transactions with real property

What will participants learn?

1) Case-law surrounding the use of dual wills, how the implementation of bare trusts, family trusts and Henson Trusts can be used to assist a client's particular estate planning needs.

2) Overview of emerging trends in employee benefits, pricing insights, and strategies that can be implemented to optimize group performance.

3) TOSI concepts, small business deduction, structuring professional groups, withdrawals for corporations with capital gains, other tax updates for owner-managers.

4) HST issues, focusing on transactions with real property (CRA home flipper audits, JV's, tips and traps, and more)

Registration Deadline: June 16, 2019

Withdrawal Deadline: June 5, 2019