Being technically competent is no longer the only role of finance professionals. This learning suite features three, 2-hour courses that explore what forward thinking finance departments are doing to position themselves as trusted advisors to the business.

These courses provide specific steps you can implement to have a positive impact on your organization’s future. Become a strategic partner by acquiring influential leadership skills and learning how to anticipate different perspectives. Shed the dated image of finance professionals and get a seat at the table with decision makers.

This learning suite includes three courses:

1. The Finance & Accounting Organization as Strategist and Partner to the Business

2. The Strategic Finance Department - 15 New Roles

3. From Financial Expert to Strategic Business Leader: Leader Evolution

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • describe how to move from a transactional specialist to business strategist
  • practice techniques for ongoing dialogue with your business partners
  • list the elements of effective partnerships
  • create a roadmap for increasing visibility and value to the organization
  • develop key relationships throughout the organization
  • describe characteristics of strategic thinking
  • identify the four stages of leadership development
  • describe the major hurdles that financial experts face when leading teams and organizations
  • identify the skills needed to develop talent and build organizational capacity
  • recognize how strategic thinking contributes to the success of the business

Who Will Benefit:

CPAs, finance and accounting professionals, finance teams, managers and directors, and business leaders with decision-making responsibility.