NOTE: This is an on demand learning bundle. This course suite is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once registered, you can access the material at any time. However, you will only have access to the course for 30 days AFTER REGISTRATION closes.

Understand how to protect your data and safeguard your business against security threats.

This bundle includes two online courses:

1. Current Tech Crimes: Data Breaches and Security Failures Uncovered (2 hours)

In this fast-paced session you will learn more about IT-related controls to help prevent computer crimes such as identity and information theft, tax refund fraud, and more. Review critical IT-related controls using a case study approach and learn from real-world breaches and security failures.

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2. Data Security – A Practical Guide (2 hours)

This course will discuss a five-step approach to securing a PC and review the types of questions you should be asking to ensure server-based information remains protected. Examine the latest tools and techniques for securing data including encryption, virus protection, secure authentication and more.

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Please note, you must pass a final exam with a score of 70% or better within one year of registering for these courses. The final exam may be taken up to a maximum of 10 times.


Participants should have a fundamental knowledge of basic technological and security concepts and computer operations.


  • Review major security incidents reported in the headlines in the last two years, and the control design or operation flaws which allowed the hack to occur
  • Explain why home-grade computer hardware and applications are inherently less secure than business and enterprise grade options
  • Understand how to implement best practices learned as a result of reviewing the case studies
  • Explore tools that can enhance security
  • Identify critical security risks
  • Learn how to implement viable and practical solutions to mitigating today’s security threats


Business professionals and CPAs seeking to enhance IT controls to improve information security and secure sensitive data.