How do you make the best business decisions in the face of political and economic uncertainty? This learning suite features five, 1-hour courses that explore key economic and regulatory issues that will impact financial and accounting decisions of the future. As the roles of CPAs and finance professionals continue to expand, this series provides guidance and techniques to succeed in an evolving profession.

This learning suite includes five courses:

  • Effective Communication and Negotiation
  • Good Customer Criteria and the Credit Process
  • Governance and the Board
  • Leadership and Tone at the Top
  • Uncertainty and Managing Growth


  • outline the benefits of effective communication
  • describe the negative effects of poor communication
  • apply effective e-mail writing techniques
  • explain the role of credit in marketing
  • identify best practices for accounts receivable
  • explain the credit process from a global perspective
  • describe corporate board criteria
  • analyze a company’s product concept
  • recognize the difference between mission and strategic versus operational roles
  • define what it means to be an effective leader
  • describe techniques to set the “tone at the top”
  • identify various leadership principles and their impact on an organization
  • recognize the importance of liquidity and the defensive interval
  • use formulas to analyze and forecast funding needs for various growth scenarios


This suite of courses is designed for CPAs, industry accounting and finance professionals and business leaders.