Workplace policies around employee wellness and safety are at the forefront of healthy businesses. In an age of zero tolerance for harassment, many companies are experiencing organizational culture shifts. Successful businesses are redefining power and adopting mindsets of fairness and inclusion. This course will explain how we got here, what we should do next, and challenges that are on the horizon once we work through current issues.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • explain the importance of ethics, hidden biases and power
  • spot warning signs that were ignored in the past
  • identify modern “trigger points” that started the avalanche of harassment cases
  • describe the difference between what is, and is not harassment
  • describe ways to measure an organization’s level of harassment risk
  • identify steps to transition your training model to get traction with modern audiences
  • outline signs that your training is working

Who will Benefit:

Leadership teams and HR professionals who want to ensure a safe and respectful working environment within their organizations.