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The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is the performance management tool of choice for many organizations. The BSC’s primary objective is to link the organization’s strategic objectives and direction to tangible performance measures encompassing four strategically-focused areas. The BSC is an opportunity for senior management and those with the responsibility for operational activities to develop tangible performance metrics, communicated through a common language, in attaining the ultimate goal: the organization's strategic objectives. It is clear that the BSC and other similar performance management tools will play an ever increasing role within every organization in the future.


  • Defining organizational strategy: Laying the groundwork
  • Reviewing the balanced scorecard and its purpose
  • Aligning with management’s expectations
  • Developing the performance metrics
  • Developing the perspectives


This course will benefit anyone responsible for ensuring and managing performance management from a non-financial perspective, especially leaders that come from a background based solely upon financial reporting metrics. This course will benefit those in roles that require managing the performance, change, and risk expectations within their role, departments, and company.