In this four-part video series, innovation and marketing expert Max Valiquette and host Liza Fromer discuss misconceptions about innovation and why it’s critical for CPAs to embrace change.


Innovation starts with knowing why you are making a change. Using real-world examples, Max illustrates how innovation is iteration, and for many organizations, that means making small, meaningful changes on a regular basis. At its core, innovation is a process—not a goal—that allows you to matter as much tomorrow as you do today.

This series of four, 30-minute videos is a CPA Ontario PD Digital original production.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • define what innovation means to you and your organization

  • understand how innovation is an iterative process, not a goal
  • recognize the implications of not innovating
  • identify the risks and benefits of making changes in your business
  • use digital technology to your advantage and know what to avoid
  • socialize new ideas across your organization
  • plan effective creative meetings
  • provide examples of how not to innovate
  • challenge assumptions about learning

Watch the video trailer on Vimeo.

Who Will Benefit:

Business professionals looking to add value to their organization by examining processes and making meaningful changes.