This video and audio learning suite provides advice and tactics on how to talk to kids about financial responsibilities, as well as insight into your personal investment options.


Financial Planning for Children of All Ages

You don’t need to teach preschoolers about tax deductions, but lessons in understanding money are of value at any age. From piggy banks to RESPs, student loans to mortgage payments, it’s never too early to start preparing for a responsible financial future. In this four-part video series, financial expert Kurt Rosentreter uses age-appropriate examples to help navigate the complexity of financial planning for children and into adulthood. Highlights include starting to save at a young age, talking to tweens and teens, the benefits and dangers of credit cards, setting attainable goals, managing debt and when to step back.

This video series covers:

1. Financial Planning for Children Ages 0 to 6 (Duration 13:21)

2. Financial Planning for Children Ages 7 to 15 (Duration 9:52)

3. Financial Planning for Children Ages 16 to 25 (Duration 26:10)

4. Financial Planning for Adult Children Ages 25 to 35 (Duration 23:36)


Personal Investing Strategies for Success

Confused about how to invest? Not sure who to trust? Feel like you’re missing opportunities?

Join host Liz West and best-selling author Kurt Rosentreter as they discuss practical strategies for formulating your financial big picture.

Throughout this six-part series, Kurt champions an integrated approach to financial planning. Topics include planning for retirement, choosing the right investment instruments and considerations for working with financial advisors. This audio series covers:

1. Investment Portfolio in Six Easy Steps (Duration 20:01)

2. Estate Planning (Duration 24:10)

3. Importance of Life Insurance (Duration 25:00)

4. ETFs for Long Term Financial Prosperity (Duration 21:36)

5. The Audi Generation: Cars and Prosperity (Duration 25:14)

6. Reaching Your Financial Goals (Duration 24:14)