CAREER STAGE: Mid-career

NOTE: To get the full experience of this live, interactive course we recommend you join five minutes prior to the scheduled starting time, and use a computer with video and microphone capabilities.

Discover positive results of effective feedback on employee performance.

This CPA Ontario live webinar will introduce you to the latest research in providing effective feedback and discuss how managers can mentor and develop their staff while also improving retention of top talent. The benefits of improving employee engagement within an organization are well supported and include higher employee retention, increased productivity and increased job satisfaction.

In this course, you will define the term employee engagement to understand the impact of receiving both effective and ineffective feedback. This interactive course will demonstrate effective strategies to help provide encouraging and positive feedback and improve employee engagement.


  • Define employee engagement and why it is important to an organization
  • Understand the relationship between effective feedback and employee engagement
  • Apply research-based tools to improve the way you provide feedback
  • Increase employee satisfaction and productivity by ensuring your team feels valued and appreciated


Managers and business professionals looking to improve the job satisfaction and productivity of their employees by learning how to provide effective feedback.