Deliver on time and on budget with Microsoft Project. Learn this powerful project management software through interactive tutorials and simulation-based exercises. Explore the fundamentals of managing projects, then dive into tasks and views. Own your work as you learn how to schedule resources and deliver successful reports for projects of all sizes.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • apply fundamentals: create a new project, open and save, set project information, work days and hours, calendars and use the Quick Access toolbar
  • enable project views: view tasks and resources, timeline view, split view, sort information, filter information and zoom
  • work with tasks: manually and auto schedule, create milestones, link tasks, copy and move tasks, use lag and lead time, deadlines and constraints, task calendar and split tasks
  • apply resources: work, material, and cost resources, resource availability, assign resources, delay resource start, effort-driven scheduling, resource groups and resource allocation
  • manage projects: fixed costs, work resource costs, baselines, update actual values, update task completion, project statistics, variance and reschedule work
  • create reports including dashboards, resource reports, cost reports, in progress reports and export reports
  • Who will Benefit:

    Project managers and business professionals who use project management software.