This presentation was recorded at CPA Ontario’s Public Sector Conference in January 2020.

In business, you can’t sweep bad news under the carpet. Failing to acknowledge a crisis or claim—whether true or false—can have a devastating impact on your organization. In this session, Warren Weeks covers what must be part of your organization’s crisis communications strategy and explores the mistakes (and successes) of other organizations that have dealt with a crisis. Learn how to prepare for the worst before a crisis hits so you can communicate the issue and solution effectively to your customers, clients, social media followers and the press.


  • What needs to be done in the first critical hours after a crisis
  • How to establish a communications plan while handling media relations, social media, and more
  • The principles of effective crisis communications as demonstrated by some of the world’s leading brands


Business leaders and anyone who may be involved in communications, media, and public relations strategies for their organization.