These videos were recorded at CPA Ontario's Not-For-Profit Conference on September 11, 2018.

  • Preventing and Addressing Harassment in the Workplace
  • Building a Decent Work Movement in the Nonprofit Sector
  • Averting Burnout for You and Your Team
  • Diversity in Action!

Preventing and Addressing Harassment in the Workplace

Reputational damage, higher staff turnover, legal liability and punitive damages. These are the risks your organization could face in the event of a workplace harassment scandal. But what constitutes harassment? And are you taking steps to ensure your workplace is a safe space for all? Join Pamela Jeffery as she examines management’s role in creating (and maintaining) an appropriate workplace culture, and find out what steps your organization can take to prevent and address workplace harassment.

Building a Decent Work Movement in the Nonprofit Sector

Providing a decent work environment tells your employees they are valued members of your organization, improving organizational performance as a result. But the effects are not limited to your organization. The employment decisions non-profit organizations make can dramatically impact the labour market and the sector’s ability to fulfill its mission. Is your organization helping or hindering positive change? Join Cathy Taylor as she outlines the concept of a decent work environment, and demonstrates its value to your organization and the sector as a whole.

Averting Burnout for You and Your Team

Burnout has been described as the largest occupational hazard of the 21st century. Its consequences? Employee disengagement that can lead to millions of dollars in lost productivity. But with the right tools, you can arm your team with the resiliency and support they need during times of adversity. Join Marisa Murray as she discusses the early indicators of burnout, and shares which four skills are needed to pull through. This session will also get you thinking about creating a resiliency plan to help you and your team during times of high stress.

> Diversity in Action!

Whether a multi-billion-dollar corporation or an early-stage start-up, organizations across Canada support diversity… in principle. But how do you move from words to action? Join Amorell Saunders N’Daw as she discusses the actionable steps your organization can take to improve workplace diversity efforts right away. This interactive session will give you the opportunity to share any organizational challenges your team may be facing and collaborate on ways to actively promote inclusiveness in the workplace.