This suite consists of the following video and audio learning:

  • Unpacking Your Leadership Presence (Video) - Do you need more confidence so that you can influence decisions and make a positive impact on your organization? James Ramsay discusses how to take your leadership skills to the next level by improving your presence and communication style.
  • The Power of Storytelling (Video) - Storytelling can help us build rapport and inspire and influence others. Leaders are becoming increasingly aware that stories engage the emotions and imaginations of others and help them see things differently—and act differently as a result. Join James Ramsay as he explores best practices associated with this powerful communication technique.
  • Addressing Questions Masterfully (Video) - James Ramsay offers insights into how to answer questions – especially difficult questions - more effectively in meetings and presentations. Learn effective techniques for raising the bar on your Q&A sessions and establishing credibility with your audiences, regardless of size.
  • Cultivating a Leadership Mindset (Audio learning) – Thinking like a leader means being agile, skillfully navigating change, decisively taking action and maintaining a growth mindset. James shares practical steps you can take to raise your leadership skills to the next level.
  • Using the Leader’s Script (Audio learning) – Once you have developed a leader’s mindset, the next step is to organize your thoughts effectively by using the leader’s script. James explains how to use the language of leadership to best bring ideas to life.
  • Choosing Words that Influence and Inspire (Audio learning) – Language is a powerful leadership tool. It brings our ideas to life and helps us convey our passion. The right words can make or break a message. James explains the types of language you should use to create the most impact.