• Foundations in Data Science (2:00)
  • Ethics in Data Science (1:00)

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Foundations in Data Science

Data science is revolutionizing businesses across industries and providing strategic and operational insights that are disrupting old business models. Data science and AI are changing the way organizations design products and services, buy and sell, store and use data and run businesses, including government and not-for-profit organizations of all sizes.

The core of data science is centered on highly technical mining of insights from internal and external data. In the data science-enabled enterprise, knowledgeable teams use data science tools to create charts and visualizations that prove patterns and substiles in business data, such as new customer segmentations or cost patterns, which inform decision-making throughout the organization. The outcome can be sufficiently profound to change the direction of entire lines of business.

During this eLearning course, participants will become familiar with key data science and AI concepts, definitions and technologies. Participants will gain a foundational understanding of how data science, AI and big data overlap. Participants will also explore key characteristics of analytics departments and specific use cases.

Ethics in Data Science

As organizations scramble to analyze large data sets to enhance decision making, concerns verging on public outrage surrounding breaches in data privacy, have become prominently entrenched in public discourse. With the growing richness of data, organizations have more insight into user behaviour patterns and transactions than ever before. The lines defining ethics in data science, however, are gray and constantly shifting.

Today’s organizations are facing uncharted challenges pertaining to data privacy and security. Gaps in existing standards and the emergence of new ones has led to varied approaches in different jurisdictions. Business users need to be aware of key challenges and considerations to competently assess the need to deploy changes in organizational policies and processes to be able to effectively manage changing risks.

During this eLearning course, participants will become familiar with key issues and challenges surrounding the collection and analysis of personal information, and the relevant legislation. Participants will explore unique ethical issues inherent is specific areas of data science, such as working with outside parties, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, the internet of things and big data. Participants will also explore key considerations in developing data policy, providing guidance to staff and managing risk.