Change is inevitable in the workplace whether it comes in the form of personnel, organizational hierarchy, or processes. This four-part course provides techniques and strategies for managing change, no matter its source. Facing change deployment challenges early on can help with long-term success, and effective planning is key to change management. Having a process to follow will position leaders for success while leading change which can often be a difficult part of an organization's work processes.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • 1. Facilitating Sustainable Change • examine the key outputs of a change initiative • identify stakeholder groups • evaluate the keys to sustainable change
  • 2. Moving Forward with Change Planning • build change charters and guiding coalitions • interpret stakeholders' influence and input • use best practices for creating codes of change
  • 3. Making Change Stick • look at ways to make change more comfortable • consider how to communicate change to different groups • use training and performance management to make change last
  • 4. Leading Through the Challenge of Change • undertake change management and set the stage for implementing change • acquire strategies for overcoming resistance to change • identify the steps to help lead your team through the change process


Individuals in change of project management and those who want to develop their skills for leading and sustaining change in an organization.