Get the Right Work Done (in less time): The Future of Time Management Are you multi-tasking more and getting less done? Do you work harder and longer but your “to-do” list never gets shorter? Prepare to work smarter, work less, and get more done. This session will review common time management challenges and strategies that just don’t work. You will cover solutions that are both personal and universal. Learn tactical and practical tips to power-up your productivity and leave you with more time for family, friends and fun.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • identify lies, truths, and contradictions of time management
  • utilize your strengths to be productive
  • identify the five unique parts of time management
  • identify steps to solving the three biggest time wasters
  • explain the concept of working smarter, not harder
  • identify 32 techniques to power-up productivity
  • Who will Benefit:

    People at any stage of their career interested in learning how to better manage their time.