This video and audio learning suite features information on evolving technology trends, jobs susceptible to automation and disruption, and how to prepare for the future.


The Future of Jobs

Artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning and robotics are affecting how we live and work. Automation is already replacing functions like grocery store checkouts and financial planning. But how far will it go? Is all this talk of computers taking over and massive unemployment blown out of proportion?

In this two-part video series, financial expert David Trahair discusses the skills needed to succeed in a world of automation and uncertainty, and what to do to become future-ready.

This video series covers:

1. The Future of Jobs

2. Will Robots Replace Us?


Disruption, Automation, Adaptation

Worried about losing your job to a robot? Anxious about disruption? Can’t keep up tech trends?

Join host Liz West and technology and learning experts as they discuss relevant and realistic business practices in an age of digital disruption.

This four-part series includes engaging conversations and an optimistic outlook on adopting technology into traditional industries, the impact of automation, opportunities and drawbacks of disruption, and how to stay current with evolving technology.

This audio series covers:

1. Canada’s Tech Sector with Sean Mullin

2. The Urbanization of Jobs with Sarah Doyle

3. Disruption and Your Business with Sean Moffit

4. The Future of Work and You with Shveta Malhan