Manage your data with Microsoft Access. This online course teaches you the basics of Access by doing, not watching. Through interactive and simulation-based exercises you will learn how to create and work with databases, and format data tables. An overview of Access, a database management system, fundamentals will give you the knowledge you need to add this database management system to your digital tool box.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • apply Access fundamentals; open and save a database; work with database objects, tour tables, queries, forms and reports; and understand the screen
  • plan and create a database: add, edit, and delete records; select, cut, copy and paste data; use undo and redo; check spelling; and use zoom box
  • work with data and filters: find, filter, and format data; sort records; use common filters, filter by selection or form, and create an advanced filter; adjust rows and columns; change gridlines and cell effects; and freeze and hide a column
  • create a table: field types and properties, index a field, add primary key and auto-increment fields, insert, reorder and delete fields, add field descriptions and captions, format text fields; set a default value; validate data; create an input mask, lookup field, and value list; modify a lookup list; and add total rows
  • Who will Benefit:

    Business professionals with little to no knowledge of Microsoft Access who are responsible for managing database applications.