Each of these four, 15-minute whiteboard videos introduces a key step in a four-part model for inspiring and influential communication. The model consists of: mindset, script, language, and presence. VIDEO LEARNING This video series illustrates why the majority of leadership communication fails to inspire, and ways to incorporate the principles of thinking like a leader into your work. You will be guided through a framework called The Leader’s Script that you can use to structure compelling, audience-centred messages. Learn how to use language that inspires audiences, and which words and expressions to avoid. Project your authentic presence so that you can connect with any audience, and become a confident speaker who is grounded, credible, and engaging. Each video will put your leadership presentation skills to the test through interactive exercises. Some exercises will require you to think and reflect, and others will incorporate writing practice to sharpen the clarity of your message. This video series is produced by The Humphrey Group. Learning Objectives: By the end of the course, you will be able to: • move from an informational approach to communication to an inspirational one • deliver clear messages that reflect your authentic beliefs • share information in a way that will inspire your audience to act • articulate a vision • use confident, audience-centred language • eliminate jargon from your speech and your writing • speak with conviction • enhance your in-person delivery in both formal and informal scenarios Who will Benefit: Members at all levels of an organization who wish to develop their leadership and communication skills.