The objective of this course is to create improvements in Canadian Corporate Governance by presenting practical knowledge and empowering CPAs to implement strategies that are in line with the organizational culture and leadership. This course provides board members, managers and auditors in Canadian corporations with the tools to become the “go to” people on improving governance. The course outlines the impact of leadership and culture on a company’s governance. It also covers Canadian governance failures and red flags that warrant attention. It discusses fraud and risk management concepts. Canadian success stories are assessed as well, to learn practical approaches and ideas to bring about highly functioning boards and management teams.


  • Canadian Governance Environment
  • Governance as Leadership
  • Governance Crises and Failures
  • Fraud and Risk Management
  • Governance Success Stories
  • Organizational Culture and Action Plan


This seminar is suitable for board members, managers and auditors in the corporate sector. It is designed for those looking for a comprehensive analysis and discussion of governance in the Canadian corporate sector. This course will help create governance champions in organizations.