NOTE: To get the full experience of this live, interactive course we recommend you join five minutes prior to the scheduled starting time, and use a computer with video and microphone capabilities.

Channel the energy of your COVID-19 anxiety, and turn it into productive work.

Our brain’s protective response to constant bad news leaves the energy buried inside us. We can experience a number of problems, including sleep difficulties, fatigue, low energy, trouble concentrating, and increased tension and stress. These problems can leave us vulnerable to more anxiety.

Anxiety is a problem when your body reacts as if there is danger when there is no real danger. It’s like having an overly sensitive smoke alarm system in your body. Unrelieved anxiety can lead to physical and mental health problems.

This live, 60-minute, CPA Ontario webinar will help you harness the energy of your anxiety and assist you feeling better and being more productive.

There will be a final quiz which will help you implement your new insights immediately.


  • Understand when normal anxiety becomes an real problem
  • Embrace and channel the energy of your anxiety
  • Break the loop of worrying about worrying
  • Have a step by step approach to direct your anxiety energy into solutions


Anybody whose productivity has been affected by COVID-19 and has felt unusual anxiety including disturbed sleep, irritability, or periods of racing thoughts and/or rapid heartbeat.