Many Finance professionals spend far too long on producing reports and analyzing complex data. Budgeting, ‘what if’ and sensitivity analyses are often messy, error prone processes. Pasting Excel reports into PowerPoint reduces interactivity and risks omitting late changes to models. Excel models often become complex and unreliable over time due to improper structure and formatting.

i3BAR is an international best practice methodology for developing analysis and reporting applications in Excel. With the i3BAR methodology, standard reporting time can be reduced from days to minutes and simulation modelling is well-structured and flexible, built around key cost drivers and logical approaches to different cost behaviors. With i3BAR, presentations can be made directly from Excel, thus enabling the use of interactive buttons, sliders, selection boxes for real-time analysis and responses to questions in meetings and workshops.

i3BAR vastly reduces the need for complex Excel formulas. Participants will apply the methods and techniques they learn to specific problems that they are facing.

Successful completion of this program, including the post-course project, will entitle participants to a Certificate in Business Analytics and Reporting from the Institute of Business Analytics

What You Will Learn:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Integrate data from disparate data sources into Excel
  • Build reliable and sustainable Excel-based reporting models
  • Construct interactive models for decision making
  • Create scenarios and what-if analysis for planning and decision making
  • Produce visually attractive and impactful reports
  • Present directly from Excel, while making Excel look like PowerPoint
  • Create dynamic content, including charts, commentaries and reports, that updates as a user scrolls through periods or selects different business segments/regions or other data categories
  • Create ‘drill down’ to lower levels of detail and ‘roll up’ to summarized levels
  • Build a ‘data bridge’ and interpreter to automate the process of converting multiple external data sources into updated data tables in a model which feed into reports
  • Address changes to requirements, source data structures and new divisions
  • Outline the five-step approach to problem solving and describe each of the seven key principles of successful model building

Please also see the companion course by the same trainers; ‘Certificate in Visual Analytics and Dashboards (i2VSA)’. Participants will learn to identify and turn user requirements into powerful reports and dashboards that provide new insights, clearer focus with greater context and relevance.

What Topics are Covered:

  • Reporting - working through a hands-on case study from raw data to finished report
  • Simulation - working through a hands-on case study
  • Optional post course project - applying the i3BAR methodology to develop a simulation/ reporting model for each participant’s organization

Who will Benefit:

  • Suitable for all accounting and finance professionals
  • Those who need to produce financial and non-financial information for board level/senior stakeholders
  • Anyone who wants to better position themselves to support or lead future analytics and reporting projects in their organization
  • It is recommended that i3BAR participants have at least two years of experience working with MS Excel