Artificial intelligence, deep learning and robotics are affecting our daily lives and our jobs at an increasing pace. The automation that used to be relegated to repetitive manufacturing roles has now started taking over other functions, such as grocery store checkouts and even financial planning. In this video and audio podcast suite, financial experts, innovators and digital entrepreneurs discuss industry trends, which job functions are particularly susceptible to automation and disruption and what we can do to prepare for the future.

This suite consists of the following videos and podcasts:

  • The Future of Jobs (Video) - In this video, financial expert David Trahair discusses the valuable skills needed to excel in a world of automation, what to look for in a stable employer, and what to do to become future-ready.
  • Will Robots Replace Us? (Video) - Will smart robots take over our jobs? Will there be massive unemployment with millions of people unable to find work and pay the bills? Or is all this talk of computers taking over blown out of proportion? David Trahair discusses what we can do today to prepare ourselves for an uncertain future.
  • Canada’s Tech Sector (Audio podcast) - Canada’s tech sector is constantly growing and changing. Decision-makers need to possess a clear view of how to adopt tech into traditional industries, and how to develop high-quality talent. In this podcast, Liz West speaks with Sean Mullin about new insights into how Canada’s tech sector is changing, what Canadian tech workers look like, and where the road for tech talent in Canada is heading.
  • The Urbanization of Jobs (Audio podcast) - Are robots actually stealing our jobs? With the onset of automation, it’s natural to wonder what the future of work will look like. In this podcast, Liz West and Sarah Doyle discuss the impact of automation on Canadian workers and propose a new and more optimistic narrative on the future of work.
  • Disruption and Your Business (Audio podcast) - Disruption has been defined as a new market and value network, which eventually displaces established alliances, market-leading firms and products. Join Liz and Sean as they discuss the opportunities and drawbacks of disruption across industries.
  • Economic, technological and business models are changing globally due to rapid advancements in technology. It is important for professionals to understand that the shift that is happening is not going to stop anytime soon. Join learning and development visionary Shveta Malhan and host Liz West as they discuss practical steps you can take to stay in control of your learning journey.