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A time of tectonic change in business is upon us. As was the case with steam power and electricity, it’s not access to the best technologists that separate winners from losers. Instead, it’s innovators who can see past the dogma of conventional wisdom, think differently, break through the barriers, envision new realities and then bring them to fruition. In short, we now require a new generation of smart leaders.

Thinking differently and more effectively is the key to success in everything you do, whether discovering hidden possibilities, dealing with uncertainty and risk, conceiving breakthrough ideas, solving complicated problems or making better decisions. Creative thinking is neither a gift nor a consequence of magical inspiration; it’s a learnable skill. Unfortunately, it’s a skill you never acquired in school– you may have been taught how to learn but you were not taught how to think.

To lead, you must develop your intelligence as a futurist, a risk-taker and an innovator. Faced with the overwhelming unpredictability and complexity of our times and increasingly discovering that business-as-usual remedies no longer apply, smart leaders know there are answers for their “new paradigm” circumstances. They know that yesterday’s solutions aren’t just inadequate and insufficient, they are in fact counter-productive.

Each of us has a mental model of how we think the world really works – it determines what we pay attention to and how we decide what’s right or wrong. If your model is rigid, if you only think on one cylinder, you make decisions in the same way with the same results. As they say, if you only have a hammer as a tool, every problem looks like a nail.

In the alternative, if you’ve built a toolbox of approaches for filtering your experiences and can choose the best tool for the job, you become far more effective as a problem solver and decision maker. To achieve this proficiency, you must cross train your brain to make it more open, flexible and adaptable. The smartest leaders are those with the biggest toolbox for solving their problems.

The purpose of this one-of-a-kind leadership program is to give you the formula, the tools and the insights for changing the way you think (and hopefully also the organization you lead). Extraordinary leaders are just ordinary people who know how to think differently. They optimistically anticipate, imagine, explore and extrapolate the unknowns in search of understanding and transformation. Without this skill set, you cannot navigate the obstacles that impede your progress towards personal happiness and professional success.

The colossal, sometimes catastrophic, errors in business judgment of the past few years are stark testimony to an over-reliance on antiquated and unproductive problem-solving techniques. While most executives say innovation is at the top of their agenda, only 6% feel confident in their ability to achieve it. Whether you seek to run your business better, build it through revenue growth or transform it entirely, an in-depth understanding of the innovation process (from origin to execution), its essential ingredients and the skills required to nurture new business concepts to fruition are critical to your success.

We live and work in an age that demands smart leaders – those who can “make things happen” when needed, rather than hoping they may happen serendipitously. They are the ones who possess the know-how that enables their organizations to seize immense but unforseen opportunities, the ones who are mindfully “plugged into” the idea spaces of our uncertain times, the ones able to capitalize on emerging micro-trends, reconcile contradictions, distill infoglut and design a future of choice.

Accountants, in particular, tend to peer into the future through the lens of analytical thought. Unfortunately, this thinking style is not up to the task. Imagination, insight and intuition, the mind’s faculty for using acquired wisdom, is what enables us to “see” disguised opportunities, look around corners and conceive novel solutions. Complex systems, like markets and corporate cultures, are impervious to logical, deductive thought. Situations in which conventional rules and out-dated practices supply the answers are an endangered species.

Most executives today prefer to predict and manage risks with analytic processes that quantify known variables. They believe the future can be forecasted through spreadsheets and that the world is an extension of what they already know. The problem is that future events aren’t a newer version of past events. In a volatile, unpredictable, complex, ambiguous world, straight-line extrapolations are no longer valid. Simply put, analytical thinking – the search for one right answer – is no longer sufficient, much less adequate.

Warning: This program may change your life. Minimally, you will discover that it contradicts just about everything you’ve likely been taught about how to acquire information, reconcile paradoxes, solve problems and make better choices. We all have the potential to think differently. But, to do so, we must first rid ourselves of the unproductive mental traps and blind spots that prevent us from achieving our full potential.]

This program is offered but once a year and has a limited enrollment (and it sells out early) – don’t miss your opportunity.

Who should attend?

This program is aimed primarily at those in positions of executive responsibility. Its premise is that, no matter what your starting point, you can always get better. And the most significant competitive advantage you will ever possess is the ability to think on all cylinders. Your destiny lies not in what you know, but rather in what you do with what you know. How you think determines who you are and what you can become. And know this – what you will be responsible for tomorrow will be very different from what you are doing today.


This program commences on Monday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. sharp and concludes on Thursday at 3:00 p.m. Evening activities include a competitive team assignment and opportunities for networking and attitude adjustment. The team task is to invent a new business concept and take it from conception through acceptance to feasible implementation. Daily sessions run from 8:30 a.m. until almost 6:00 p.m. The format is practical and highly interactive. You are encouraged to bring your personal, professional and organizational problems with you for resolution. Attendees are expected to complete a number of tasks contained in a Pre-Course Workbook prior to their arrival. The following is an outline of the session topics to be covered in 2017:

  • The Mind and True Genius of a Smart Leader
  • A Framework for Innovation: From Origin to Execution
  • Thinking Styles: As We Think So Shall We Become
  • Cognitive Tendencies that Lead to Really Bad Decisions
  • Neurology: Imagination, Intelligence, Intuition and Insight
  • Barriers and Constraints to Enhancing Creativity and Innovation
  • Fostering Workplace Innovation: Practical Realities and Critical Necessities
  • Group and Individual Thinking Tools, Techniques and Methods
  • Competing for the Future: Winning Over Demanding, Savvy Customers
  • Unleashing the Creative Genius Within: Personal Liberation and Transformation

For a complete program description, including the detailed and revised 2017 curriculum as well as peer testimonials, please visit the program website.