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“The World Is Flat” — What Does it Mean to Accountants?

Nov 23, 2022



NOV 23



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Nov 20, 2022


The Halton-Peel CPA Ontario Association presents a thought-provoking presentation on Knowledge Process Outsourcing in accounting, delivered by Vijay Visvanathan, an expert in the field.

In his book “The World Is Flat”, Thomas Friedman advocates that every enterprise must look beyond their familiar territory, to leverage options available for expanding their terrains and services. Limiting your options to your known enclave may prevent you from delivering the best to your clients.

Friedman suggests that, in this era of specialization, one should try to tap exclusive skills and resources available in any part of the world. Successful Accounting Firms have started maximizing the expertise available outside their firm, region and country to handle certain parts of their operational processes, such that the final delivery to the clients is efficient and economical. This results in improved customer satisfaction and faster growth. This model is popularly known as Outsourcing or Offshoring.

Most of the large and successful accounting firms in the developed market have been using Outsourcing / Offshoring extensively for decades and reaping substantial profits and growth. Competition amongst the firms have necessitated this trend, so that one can only ignore this at their own peril.

Topics covered:

  • How have Finance & Accounting (F&A) and other functions been outsourced or offshored in order to survive in a competitive environment?
  • How can strategic outsourcing or offshoring reconfigure and optimize available resources in the home country? The general perception that outsourcing / offshoring leads to unemployment in the local region is not necessarily true.
  • How has continuous evolution of information and security technologies enabled outsourcing and offshoring, while helping to preserve the privacy of sensitive data?
  • C&R, a leading outsourcing / offshore service provider, has been servicing CPA firms in the US and Canada ranging from small to very large. Vijay will be happy to share his experience.


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Vijay Visvanathan is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India with 40 years of professional standing. He is a Senior Partner in a reputed 50 year old full-service firm based in the South of India with 10 partners and 4 locations. Tax, Business Consulting and M&A are his areas of specialization. Vijay is the Founder of C&R Consulting Group, which specializes in Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services for the CPA firms of North America and the UK ( He has also been a speaker or panelist in conferences and workshops for accountants. C&R has driven the KPO practice for more than 13 years in the areas of bookkeeping, accounting, compilations, reviews, audit, tax, corporate finance consulting practice and other related areas. KPO clients include top 50 firms in the US, as well as boutique firms in the US and Canada. C&R is headquartered in the US with offices in Canada, the UK and India.


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