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Building DEI Leadership Skills

JAN 02 - Dec 31, 2023



JAN 02 - DEC 31



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Dec 31, 2023


With the right mindset, leaders can transform team and organizational culture.

This five-part course will help leaders apply systems thinking methodology to transform team and workplace dynamics. Leaders who develop a systems-thinker approach are better equipped to honor and navigate the complexity of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. You'll learn to recognize how systems thinking applies to DEI and practices for examining DEI goals. You'll also learn strategies to build organizational culture awareness for DEI, identify how organizational culture is represented in your team and processes, and recognize how to make DEI part of how you do business.

Explore strategies to individualize inclusion and belonging for all team members, including using more inclusive language and gender-neutral pronouns. We’ll cover the key elements of developing a DEI scorecard as a first step in ensuring systemic DEI, strategies to create an inclusive talent acquisition and techniques to enable talent to develop and advance equitably.


Part 1: Activating DEI Culture Shifts

  • Recognize key concepts for creating new patterns of thinking in decision-making
  • Identify actions that will help you move toward systems-thinking leadership for diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Learn new ways of working in support of an inclusive and innovative team culture
  • Explore techniques to keep employee engagement and motivation in the work of DEI consistently high

Part 2: Adopting New Leadership Mindsets to Drive DEI

  • Recognize ways systems thinking applies to DEI in an organization
  • Identify steps to examine your organization’s and your team’s DEI goals
  • Learn ways of evaluating how organizational culture is represented in your team and processes
  • Recognize how growth and systems mindsets help you make DEI part of how you do business

Part 3: Advancing DEI with Agility

  • Examine the key elements of a leadership mindset that cultivates inclusion in all work environments
  • Identify key elements of self-leadership that improve inclusion
  • Develop strategies to individualize inclusion and belonging for all team members
  • Learn inclusive leadership practices that promote development of the whole person

Part 4: Embedding Inclusion into Everyday Experiences

  • Recognize competencies for leading and enabling inclusive conversations at work and on teams
  • Learn leadership practices that embody allyship through personal accountability
  • Discover techniques to use organizational resources equitably to support DEI
  • Identify strategies to overcome discomfort while building new inclusive habits

Part 5: Reimagining the Employee Experience: DEI from Hire to Retire

  • Identify strategies to create an inclusive talent acquisition experience in an organization
  • Recognize techniques to enable talent to develop and advance equitably
  • Learn strategies to democratize DEI leadership in association with employee groups
  • Explore techniques to ensure inclusion in policies, processes, and systems


Business professionals at any career stage with an open mind who want to learn how to incorporate and improve on equity, diversity and inclusion practices within their teams and organizations.


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Status: Registration open until Dec 31, 2023




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