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Corporate Tax - SRED

JAN 12 - Jan 13, 2023



JAN 12 - JAN 13



8:30 AM - 12:30 PM




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Jan 09, 2023


NOTE: This course description has been revised and reflects updates for 2022. If you have any questions, please contact


This course has shifted online into two, half-day sessions.

  • Jan 12, 2023, 8:30am - 12:30pm
  • Jan 13, 2023, 8:30am - 12:30pm
  • The course is offered in 2 parts:

    Part 1 (3.5 hours) covers the preparation of SR&ED claims and how to incorporate these claims into corporation tax returns.

    Part 2 (3.5 hours) focuses on current issues including updates to legislation and case law, CRA policies and selected technical issues.

    This course covers SR&ED fundamentals, providing participants with information and skills required to navigate the SR&ED claim process including: who is eligible to claim, what types of work are eligible and which expenditures are qualified for investment tax credits.

    SR&ED Part 1provides participants with an overview of the characteristics of eligible SR&ED as well as work that is not eligible. Eligibility will be illustrated with examples based on recent case law. The allowable and qualified expenditure rules are also covered, including the impact of government grants and stimulus payments on the calculation of SR&ED tax credits.

    Part 1 provides participants with materials necessary for a basic understanding of the program, eligibility criteria to assist in preparation of SR&ED claims and ability to incorporate these claims into corporate tax returns.

    Topics Include:

    • Overview of the SR&ED program in Canada
    • Who can claim SR&ED tax credits
    • Step by step approach to claiming SR&ED tax credits
    • Factors to help you determine whether work is eligible for SR&ED tax credits
    • Types of expenditures that qualify for SR&ED tax credits
    • Calculation of qualified expenditures for investment tax credits including the impact of government stimulus payments on SR&ED claims
    • Federal and provincial tax credit rates for different types of corporations
    • Overview of SR&ED filing requirements, CRA reviews, assessments and appeals

    • Identify the characteristics of work that may be eligible for SR&ED tax credits.
    • Determine whether a company is entitled to claim refundable credits.
    • Research basic issues using the CRA website.
    • Apply this knowledge to file SR&ED claims using prescribed forms.
    • Navigate CRA reviews, proposals and appeals.

    SR&ED Part 2 builds on SR&ED Part 1 and presents more advanced content on specific aspects of the program. This updated course provides participants with information and skills required to navigate the SR&ED claim process including: who is eligible, what types of work are eligible and how to claim expenditures and investment tax credits.

    SR&ED Part 2 provides an update of CRA policies including the 2021 Guidance on Eligibility , an update of relevant case law, as well as more in-depth discussion of selected topics including government assistance, non-arms length transactions, adjustments to qualified expenditures, and CRA audits, assessments and appeals.

    Topics Include:

    • Update on legislation and current cases
    • CCPC status and de facto control
    • Salaries or wages and prescribed proxy amount
    • Government assistance and contract payments
    • Materials, supplies and recapture
    • Eligibility of work for SR&ED tax incentives, including 2021 CRA guidance and the 5-question approach used by the courts

    • Analyze and apply legislation and policies regarding more complex issues including CCPC status, salaries or wages and prescribed proxy amount, materials, supplies and recapture, Government assistance including stimulus payments, and contract payments.
    • Understand and apply current issues impacting SR&ED claims including developments in case law and CRA assessing policies.

    • Who Will Benefit - CPAs in public practice or industry seeking to understand the benefits, approaches and common pitfalls associated with SR&ED claims.
    • CPAs with experience in SR&ED seeking to update their knowledge of SR&ED legislation, policies, audits and appeals.


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    Dave Sabina, CPA, CA is a frequent lecturer of R&D tracking methodologies to both professional accounting bodies and industry research personnel. Through his firm, MEUK Corporation, and its on-line knowledge management software, he co-ordinates teams of engineering, development and accounting staff in the documentation of projects to earn income tax credits.


    A basic understanding of corporate taxation and investment tax credits is required. 

    This CPA Ontario course is a live webinar. You must attend the live course to receive verifiable CPD hours. We recommend you join five minutes prior to the scheduled starting time.

    Electronic material can be accessed one week prior to the course at and should be downloaded in advance.

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