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Leadership Skills for a Hybrid World (formerly Leadership Skills for Our New Reality)

May 10, 2023



MAY 10



1:00 PM - 5:00 PM




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May 07, 2023


NOTE: To get the full experience of this live, interactive webinar we recommend you join five minutes prior to the scheduled starting time and use a computer that has video and microphone capabilities.

Lead by example to get the best performance from your team in a supportive hybrid workspace.

Having navigated through the pandemic for months, it has become clear that new skills are required to support not only our own wellbeing and performance, but that of our employees. We can celebrate employees stepping up and arranging their schedules and home offices to accommodate working from home when everyone is at home…or sometimes when no one is. The richness of successful work-life integration has been tasted and is now an expectation across generations.

We have also witnessed a “she-cession” as women have shouldered more of the parenting responsibilities. We are at risk of much appreciated and desired flexibility marginalizing women’s career development without a culture shift to normalize flexibility for all. Inclusivity, not only for women, but for those with disabilities (visible and not), as well as temperaments that thrive with greater autonomy must be preserved.

In this live and interactive webinar, investigate the mindsets, skillsets, strategies and tactics every leader needs. Explore participants’ current beliefs and what contributes to a successful leadership mindset. Digest supportive workplace culture ingredients and how to create such an environment for your team. Learn why equity is more appropriate than equality in inviting contribution. Understand the critical organization and communication skills and practices required to show up more effectively as remote leaders. The opportunity at hand is to reshape organizations for sustainable high performance.

Be prepared for an engaging session where you will be regularly invited to contribute to the conversation. You will want to take notes and to capture future actions.


  • Find out what contributes to a successful leadership mindset
  • Learn practical communication skills to lead your hybrid team
  • Explore equity versus equality
  • Learn the ingredients for a sustainable high-performance culture
  • Identify specific things you will do to lead by example
  • Look at ways to create a safe and supportive space for your team


Leaders at any level who wish to better support their teams in the new reality. Especially relevant for leaders who want to increase attention on creating a supportive culture and how things are done.


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$355.00 Public

Status: Registration open until May 07, 2023




Clare Kumar

is a productivity catalyst and certified executive coach who brings science-backed strategies to help leaders and their teams achieve sustainable performance. Clare is a sought-after subject matter expert regularly contributing to national media on the intersection of effectiveness, efficiency, and enjoyment.


This CPA Ontario course is a live webinar. You must attend the live course to receive verifiable CPD hours. We recommend you join five minutes prior to the scheduled starting time. To get the full experience of this interactive course, use a computer that has video and microphone capabilities.

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