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Advanced Data Modeling Techniques by TDWI

AUG 04 - Dec 31, 2022



AUG 04 - DEC 31



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Dec 31, 2022


TDWI's Advanced Data Modeling Techniques course goes beyond basic data modeling concepts to explore some the more complex situation faced by data modelers today. The course reviews common architectural frameworks, higher normal forms different abstraction levels, alternative approaches for developing the business data model, complementary data models and much more.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and apply enterprise architecture approaches
  • Explain how big data and analytics impact traditional approaches
  • Define different data models and how they relate to each other
  • Identify the old methods of modeling in analytics
  • Use higher normalization forms
  • Effectively apply generalization and specialization
  • Explain the role of metadata management in data governance
  • How to handle state and time dependencies
  • Validate the data model
  • Transform the business data model into physical models based on the application
  • Explain the implications of alternative storage approaches
  • Define the roles and structures of complementary models
  • Deal with multiple time zones and currencies

The course is designed for experienced data modelers and developers who need to develop the structures needed to deal with today's challenges. If you are a data architect, this course provides information on common architectural frameworks to help you select the approach best suited for your organization. If you are a data modeler, DBA or developer, this course provides information for handling some of the complex situations encountered in real world implementations.


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Jonathan Geiger, CBIP, is an executive vice president with Intelligent Solutions, Inc. Jonathan has been involved in many Corporate Information Factory projects in several industries. He presents frequently at national and international conferences, has written more than 60 articles, and is a co-author of three books: Data Stores, Data Warehousing, and the Zachman Framework: Managing Enterprise Knowledge; Building the Customer-Centric Enterprise; and Mastering Data Warehouse Design.

TDWI is the leading provider of education and research for business intelligence, analytics, and data management professionals. TDWI’s vendor-neutral training is led by experienced practitioners, and has earned a world-wide reputation for being comprehensive, practical, and actionable.


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