A Six Point Plan for Financial Freedom (Formally: Enough Bull: How to Retire Well Without the Stock Market, Mutual Funds or Even an Investment Advisor) - In Person Seminar

Dec 06, 2022

CPA Ontario - King, Toronto


DEC 06



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Dec 01, 2022


Before registering for this session, please note, it is going to be an in-person session and will be held at the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario office at 130 King St. W. in Toronto. You MUST attend in person to participate, there will not be an option to join this session virtually.

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This course is based on David Trahair’s national bestselling book Enough Bull: How to Retire Well Without the Stock Market, Mutual Funds or Even an Investment Advisor.

In this course you’ll discover The Antidote: A simple six-point plan for financial freedom. It will include a detailed analysis of why the stock market is a very risky place to be. You’ll discover how well the stock market has done versus the risk-free benchmark of GICs going back 50 years in Canada and 30 years in the US. Find out who wins … and by how much. It will also lay out in detail the safest investing strategy on earth, which is to stay in 100% fixed income products using the laddered GIC strategy. You’ll also learn how to get the best GIC rates. It will also discuss the basic types of returns you can calculate and the importance of understanding time- versus money-weighted returns. It will also delve into the issue of RRSPs versus the alternatives, looking at investing in equities inside versus outside an RRSP, in a TFSA, as well as other options including real estate, reinvesting in your own business, paying off debt, and retaining profits in a corporation for later dividend distribution.

The course will also look at what the experts say future stock market returns are likely to be, as well as where interest rates are going so you can plan appropriately. You’ll also get six free spreadsheets including the RRSP vs Pay Down Debt Calculator, the RRSP vs Outside vs TFSA Calculator, the RRSP vs Retaining Profits in a Corporation Calculator and the Money Maximizer so you can see if you’re on track for a comfortable retirement. In a nutshell it will give you all the tools, information and confidence to take back control of your investments and finally start making some serious money.


  • Learn why the why the stock market is a very risky place to be.
  • Explore an alternative strategy that has zero risk because it uses 100% GICs.
  • Discover whether RRSPs are the best vehicle to save for retirement.
  • Explore another guaranteed strategy – paying off debt rather than investing.
  • Find out what future stock market returns and interest rates are likely to be.


Individuals wishing to enact a safe retirement strategy.p>


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Status: Registration open until Dec 01, 2022


CPA Ontario - King, The Exchange Tower, 130 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5X 1C9


David Trahair, CPA, CA, is a financial trainer, best-selling author and CPA Magazine columnist. His other books include Smoke and Mirrors, Crushing Debt, Cash Cows, Pigs and Jackpots, and The Procrastinator’s Guide to Retirement. His views are totally independent because he does not sell any financial products. He currently operates his own financial training firm and offers seminars to organizations.


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